23 March, 2017




The influence of the sun and of the Mediterranean sea make this region a privileged territory for winegrowing, halfway between Barcelona and Tarragona.

The beautiful Estate is situated in the heart of an appealing landscape surrounded by a stretch of vineyards with a family mansion & cellar at the edge….At the far background one can indulge the views  of the unique shapes and multi-peak Montserrat mountain range, which turns pink during sunsets.

The visit to the cellar and the vineyards is a top of the class experience. It is not touristy, as it might be expected or compared with other famous cellars of the area.

The Estate has an official passionate enologist called Jordi who walks you inside the vineyards and gives you all kind of technical and amene introductions about the soil, curiosities about the climbing vine plants, the grape varieties, the flora and fauna of the ecosystem…including a funny “sex confusion” of the wine butterflies.

The tour inside the cellar is also very interesting as it is well preserved and has some modernist architectural designs such as the blue tile walls. The tunnels down the cellar are also worth it.

And the best of all: the family mansion and its rich decoration with rich oil paintings split around the various living rooms.

And talking about the living rooms, one could “live” there foreever…They serve a truly genuine and delicious catalan breakfast (or lunch…or dinner in summer) consisiting of fresh regional products which shouldn’t be missed…and its wine…and cava, ¡of course!

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