24 January, 2019

AMPARITO ROCA – MADRID – A memory of good taste

One of our last discoveries in Madrid; an elegant place with an exceptional service & decoration.

Jesús Velasco, the Master and Commander of AMPARITO ROCA, is always on the top of the things with a very nice sense of humour and always sympathetic enough to give dary opinions about your meal orders if he considers better any other combinations.

Broad & spaceful tables with plentiful natural light creating a laid back atmosphere is highly recommended for business-lunch venues.

The restaurant name is taken out from a traditional dance/song -Pasadoble- called “Amparito Roca” (the name of a lady). There are just a few concrete walls in the dining room; and one of them is decorated with this lady’s picture.

The restaurant offers a cuisine which appeals every day and of which you never get tired.

A simple sea-food salad “salpicón de carabinero” is a good example of how surprisingly simple things can taste.

Despite it might seem slightly costy, we find it really worth it.


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