27 August, 2018


We are not going to write a tip about the MARINA BAY SANDS Hotel, also known as MBS.

We are not going to write a tip about the amazing views from its “Cè La Vie” roof top bar nor from the views over the huge Casino, the top 9 biggest in Asia after other 8 in Macau city.

We are not going to write a tip about its surprising infinity swimming pool, said to be the highest in the world, laying on the 57 storey rooftop platform connecting the 3 hotel-buildings like a “T” shape.

We are not going to write a tip about the un-imaginable beauty of the rear views to the “Gardens by the Bay” and its 2 glass green-houses which had won several prizes for its design, amazing flora and sustainability facilities, all probably a lot inspired by the film “Avatar”, (you will understand why, if you visit).

We are not going to write a tip about the magical dusk hours, the best moments to get inside the swimming pool, the transition moments when the sun sets and the city lits-on, showing the interiors of every window with its turned lights.

We are not going to write a tip about the expensive shops, caffes and nice restaurants at the MBS Mall; nor about the local food-corner at the basement, more lively and tasty that in can be imagined.

Why are we not going to write a tip about all of that?

Well, mainly because almost everybody already knows the MBS Hotel, and consequently: It can die of success as it’s too crowded!

Queues at the lobby for a check-in & check-out can be very long.

And about the swimming pool: Too many used towels everywhere and too many tourists!

Yet, we had to write something about the MBS, with the good and the bad.

As a matter of fact, we only wanted to write a tip about the other side of the MBS; we mean, literally at the opposite side in the Bay.

LANTERN is a fabulous rooftop bar at Fullerton Bay Hotel with amazing views to the MBS itself. Is not high, but it is a delicious corner to sit, to drink and to listen to lounge music plaid by a D.J. at certain hours.

Sometimes the best of a tourist attraction are the views of it, keeping a reasonable distance…rather than becoming part of it.


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