• 8 August, 2018



    Some of the best place in Istanbul to lunch while looking elegant, this smooth brasserie is located on the ground floor of Beymen’s store at the trendy Nisantasi quarter on the hill over Besiktas. The charming wooden bar and soft leather seats compliment the Art Deco feel, while it also has a pretty terrace “a la française” with a strong taste of Paris.

    Its sophisticated Mediterranean menu prove that the store’s beautiful customers don’t survive on light and expensive products alone. Big windows allow everyone to be seen. It’s not cheap, but nor is the atmosphere you feel around.

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  • 3 November, 2016


    Banyan Restaurant at the Bosphorus :

    BOSPHORUS: An appealing word to everybody within our shipping community and two curiosities to note: BOSPHORUS meaning THROAT in turkish language & ISTANBUL meaning “In the city” for the ancients.

    Arguably one of the best locations for a dinner or just putting a drink “down the throat” in a magical megalopolis such as it is Istanbul.

    A spot overlooking the Bosphorus strait and just next to a gem of a mosque in Ortakoy….
    Indulge in Banyan Restaurant’s heaven in front of a worldwide reknown bridge connecting 2 ancient continents…

    There may be bigger, flashier venues in Istanbul but few can match Banyan Restaurant in terms of an unforgettable summer atmosphere…with one big exception: ¡THE BORACHART PARTY!, truly a highlight. We like to congratulate them for their wonderful venue.

    P.s: Either this very location is inclusive or not; World’s Best Bars is more than a bar directory…it’s a site with a mission: to allocate and review the planet’s finest bars: www.worldsbestbars.com
    We recommend BANYAN restaurant  specially for an evening drink and light dinner at the bar. Ideal for 2 or 3 persons.