• 14 February, 2020

    SIHLHALDE Restaurant – surroundings of Horgen

    Restaurant Sihlhalde (1 Star Michelin)  is a homely country house  located in the middle of the nature, just 15 minute drive from DOW’s headoffices in Horgen.

    We can recommend their good home selection of red wine.

    If you have the chance, try their Truffle Ravioli, their Saint Pierre Fish & their Beef Fillet and you will be truly delighted.

    We also believe that the nearby surroundings of Hirzel village are too appealing not to be highlighted in our tip.


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  • 27 May, 2019


    https://tosca-geneva.ch”Abandon all hope, ye who enter here“ … Of lassitude, conformism and loneliness

    1 Starred Michellin, TOSCA:

    Let the chefs Saverio and Leonardo tickle your taste buds, shake your senses, feed your imagination.
    Find tranquility and let yourself be carried away by this little fugue in T major.


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  • 27 May, 2019


    DUCHESSA Restaurant

    Ideally situated at the mythical “Place Neuve”, Duchessa restaurant proposes a traditional italian home-made cuisine in a very informal, bustling and trendy atmosphere as the restaurant shares an emazing Epicerie of very exclussive italian products on sale.

    You may also refer DUCHESSA as an italian DELI SHOP with a lifely restaurant at the same lounge.


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  • 12 September, 2018


    Café des Bains is a little gem of a restaurant just opposite to the Plainpalais in Geneva.

    It has a lovely courtyard (called Patio in french) which is the perfect place to unwind & wine during a sunny summer venue. The food and the service are fantastic, so all together combined makes this pick a favourite spot.

    (We stress out that during the warm days it might be difficult to find seats; so worth the lucky try for a sunny opportunity to enjoy a lovely meal).

    In contraposition to the small hidden Patio of this restaurant, the reference spot (Plainpalais) is a huge open space located in central-south Geneva.

    Plainpalais is most famous for hosting the biggest flea market and farmers market in Geneva. Few times a year, cultural and entertaining happenings such as Circus or Roller Coasters open up here, as we had the opportunity to walk through.

    Thank you Eva, Oliver, Phang, Gregg & Alexandre for bringing us here!


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  • 9 March, 2017




    This is one of our 2 favourite places to stay when we come to Geneva…and we usually keep jumping the lake, as the other setting is called DOMAINE THE CHATEAUXVIEUX near Satigny (we wrote a tip for it too).

    L’AUBERGE D’HERMANCE is situated at the heart of a tiny pretty village called HERMANCE which is the last village of Switzerland before entering the french border towards YVOIRE (recognized amongst the most beautiful french villages) by the Tres Beaux Village De France – www.les-plus-beaux-villages-de-france.org

    Having been to both sites, we no doubt, prefer HERMANCE,  as there is almost zero tourism here.

    Located in an idyllic setting at the feet of Lake Geneva, it makes it quite a unique experience to combine a business trip with a relaxed stay in this serene atmosphere, specially if you take a walk along the lake during dawn or during sunset…

    Behind the road there is a small fortess and a lovely path around the meadows of a very well preserved forrest, ideal for a short hike.

    The rooms of the Auberge are very cosy and warm and make you feel trapped to keep returning…just for the comfort of feeling almost like at home.

    The restaurant is truly delicious, both for the well presented food and for the peaceful atmosphere. There is even a fire place…but they don’t open the restaurant every day…it is required to check in advance.

    The maitre-d’hotel is a sympathetic portuguese gentleman, who always cares for the best comfort of their guests.

    One of the only draw-backs of HERMANCE is that the location is on the opposite side of the lake if you need to rush for the airport, and hence you need to cross Geneva center. But still worth it if you are the type of person who doesn’t mind to take a bus, or take a 20 minute taxi ride…and especially if you are the type of person who enjoys walking under the pebble sand, breathing fresh air after a long day…or previous to it.

    In any case, there is always a nice excuse to come here, even for a lovely weekend.

    The property is listed by the ROMANTIK COLLECTION of Hotels & Restaurants.


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  • 9 March, 2017



    This is one of our 2 favourite places to stay when we travel to Geneva and spend a couple of nights, in a distance of 10 km W from Geneva downtown.

    The other one is at HERMANCE village in the other side of the lake, (AUBERGE D’HERMANCE), and we wrote a tip for it too…

    Relaix & Chateux had long ago included this Domaine property in their well renown collection, and consists of a beautiful and elegant estate located on top of a hill, in close proximity to the Geneva Palexpo, and on a very charming & quiet countryside,  surrounded by vinyards and horse pastures, which makes it all quite a highlight…

    Peney is the nearest village, on the shores of the Rhone river. There is a little & homely restaurant, (CAFE DE PENEY) www.cafe-de-peney.ch which we love to visit for quiet dinners.

    For those who wish to indulge at the own restaurant of the Domaine, beware same is listed as a Two Michelin Stars, headed by Philippe Chevrier, and recognized as one of the highest ciuisines in whole Switzerland. Whenever we have tried it for another quiet dinner, it has always been a heaven of heavens.

    The rooms are classical yet very elegant.

    The breakfast takes place at a cosy annex building and it is simply delicious to walk until there…

    Starting the morning with a deep breath of fresh (& sometimes chilly) air, hearing the crunch of the pebble sand under your shoes, and all these little things that we love…makes you feel unwinded.

    Last but not least, they have an amazing fresh mango juice (which is a well kept secret brand of the house)…


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  • 9 March, 2017



    Rewarded with a 16/20 in the Gault & Millau Guide 2017, Le Jardin is an unmissable address in Geneva located at the RICHEMOND HOTEL & nestled between Brunswick Gardens and Lake Geneva, at the heart of the city but secluded from the city bustle.

    Renowned as the “Ambassadeur du Terroir Genevois” (Ambassador of the Geneva region products), Le Jardin shows its pride to be Swiss and Chef Philippe Bourrel magnifies seasonal local ingredients.

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  • 8 February, 2017

    Planning a short/functional stay in GENEVA? Looking for a homely and nice italian restaurant in GENEVA?

    Our two answers are here:

    HOTEL JADE – MANOTEL (3 stars which upper rooms deserves a merited 4 stars)
    A small oasis of calmness, perhaps attributed to the Feng Shui principles adopted in its architecture…This small hotel nestles within a predominantly busy spot on the urban city centre, just 10 minutes across the train station (Gare de Geneva)…

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    There’s something very comforting about finding a place that just makes you feel “at home”.
    From the warm welcome to the excellent and well-crafted menu, complimented by the amazing choice of wines, every experience at LE SESFLO is very well delivered.
    If you like good Italian food, then this is arguably one of the best in Geneva.

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  • 8 February, 2017

    GENEVA, Superb Restaurant at Carouge


    Nothing short of spectacular:
    Le Flacon is a contemporary restaurant (1 star Michelin) in the heart of the residential Carouge neighbourhood.
    Relaxed and casual atmosphere. Best meal hours, during lunch.

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  • 3 November, 2016

    ZUG AREA / RIGI Mountain cool down after a stay in a business hot spot

    Worldscape 100

    Just 1 hour trip from Zurich or 30-45 minute trip from the hot spot ZUG.

    If possible to combine during a business trip, we propose an amazing weekend escape to RIGI, one of the most popular Swiss mountains during all seasons.
    Situated in the cantons of Schwyz and Lucerne and very close to the cosy villages of Weggis, Vitznau and Greppen.
    Services: Two cogwheel railways, seven aerial cableways, hotels, restaurants, wellness & Spa, numerous hiking trails and several summer and winter activities.

    Our signature accomodation:

    Located right on the shore of Lake Lucerne where you can enjoy panoramic views.

    Hotel Beau Rivage Weggis

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    Extra Luxurious hotel on the shore of Lake Lucerne. Own private beach and 2 gourmet restaurants.

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