• 20 January, 2021

    HOTEL MAS PASSAMANER – La Selva del Camp (Tarragona)


    Situated near Tarragona and 15 minutes drive to the beach this beautiful Modernist building was designed by the famous architect Domenech I Montaner and later restored into a splendid leisure hotel.

    The hotel has a spa-wellness which will offer you a pleasant and peaceful environment to relax and rest.


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  • 8 March, 2017

    TARRAGONA, a giant UNESCO heritage

    Tarragona is the southern-most province of Catalonia & was a remarkable roman city today listed at the UNESCO heritage; but its importance somehow remains in the shadow (except for the persons like us,  people related to the Petrochemical Industry and the Crude Oil Refinery)…all of this keep Tarragona as an important european business landmark.

    The touristic fame of Tarragona has only one problem: the vicinty of Barcelona, and this is perhaps some of the best circumstance for an off-the beaten track experience:

    A walk at the Roman Ruins & the Cathedral, followed by a lunch in Restaurant CA L’EULALIA at the fishermen quarter of EL SERRALLO.


    If you are into fish and seafood, Ca L’Eulalia is a compulsory visit. Located in the Serrallo seafront (the famous fishermen quarter of Tarragona), they serve the best and most fresh fish and seafood from the coastal region, extremely well presented. As they serve what’s been just caught at sea, there’s no regular menu. Oscar, the co-owner may help you (if his mood is not fishy) to decide amongst their best catch they have on the day.

    The restaurant is not only good for fish as Eulalia is a master of dessert. Last but not least the atmosphere of the restaurant is very relaxed and homely, in honor to its city, TARRACO (TARRAGONA).

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