• 13 October, 2020


    While it is a difficult task to choose amongst the large selecton of nice restaurants at Las Palmas and at the Island of Gran Canaria, we shall make a list of our picks (in addition to our previous posts):

    *TRICICLO BAR: A casual terrace-bar at the Hystorical quarter of Las Palmas which offers a very well ellaborated crative cuisine and a lovely laid-back young casual atmosphere.

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    *AL NORTE: Basque traditional kitcken at the elegant quarter of Triana, Las Palmas. Located at the pedestrian zone, it provides a quiet small terrace.

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    *RINCÓN DE TRIANA: A good restaurant pick in the area of the Canteras beach quarter. It is not at the promenade and it does not provide any views, however the nice culinary experience makes this place worth a visit as a nice alternative.

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    *RESTAURANT CASA BRITO: A classical grill restaurant located at the entrance of Arucas town, about 20 minutes drive from Las Palmas.

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    *MI VIDA RESTAURANT: Located down South of Gran Canaria (1,5 hour drive from Las Palmas), at the touristic and appealing village of Puerto de Mogán (in this picture).

    This lovely small restaurant situated by the yacht club, is a cute spot for a casual, romantic, relaxed meal.

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  • 13 October, 2020


    An iconic hotel in a dream setting

    For over a century, the Santa Catalina, a Royal Hideaway Hotel has been a privileged witness to the history of the island of Gran Canaria, famous for its white sand and black lava beaches. Ever since it opened in 1890, it has been a landmark of the city’s social life. It has hosted some of the most important people of the late 19th, 20th and first generation of 21st centuries, all of whom have enhanced it with their culture and talent.

    Glamour, authenticity and exquisiteness are part of the essence of the hotel, which has attracted great national and international personalities from its beginnings to stay in its elegant 204 rooms with views of the city or garden.

    Comfort and seclusion in an unsually large private area for a city centre, surrounded by the typical island flora, the collonial design and a large & stylish roof top with 2 swimming pools available are the strongest characteristic features, only eclipsed by the beauty of its setting on a beautiful garden  at the shores of the Atlantic.

    A classical style hotel, where an exclusivity is fundamental.

    It enjoys 2 restaurants and a lovely terrace-bar on the garden floor which we highly recommend.

    It also provides a nice piano bar with a collonial flavour of the hotel entrance with views to the very beautiful fountain.


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  • 5 October, 2020



    Come to dine to the heart of Gran Canaria, just 20 minutes drive from Las Palmas.

    The very ancient castillian’ style San Juan village and San Francisco village are both enclosed within the Telde municipality, which is the second biggest town in Gran Canaria.

    Both San Juan & San Francisco villages are towed away from all the surrounding urban areas and seem to suddenly bring you to Cuba, or to any Spanish colonial village from the XVI century. Actually the flora and all the sympathy in Gran Canaria has a flavour of the Caribbean islands, and the land has the colours of Africa, specifically of Morocco.

    Maybe least appealing, or adventurous to mention, but important to remember: This is not just Europe as everyone realizes, but one of te most, laidback, genuine and safe locations within the EU, like any other spot in the Canary Islands.

    From TASCA FLAMBOYAN we can simply say it is a lovely tapas-bar with well looked-after details,  and a very well-run cuisine.

    It is a nice experience, both to sit inside (recommended during lunch when hot outside) or prefferably to come for dinner and take a seat at one of the quiet outdoor tables, having a nice glass of wine and some original tapas while you contemplate a truly begone atmosphere of the plaza surrounded by Ficus tres.

    It all makes you feel completely in armony with Gran Canaria.

    Ps. Don’t forget to plan a 30 minutes easy walk around the pedestrian-connected San Juan & San Francisco villages. We recommend it before sunset and before dinner.

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  • 5 October, 2020


    LOCANDA EL ROQUE, italian restaurant.

    (Find it on the picture at the very edge of the building line, towards the ocean)

    This is one of the top highlight experiences if you are visiting Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

    LOCANDA EL ROQUE is a secluded restaurant that has a perfect balance between a homely & high cuisine touch, with a very intimate interior and a terrace which during dusk & sunset  becomes a highlight to remember, candle lights inclusive.

    Located at EL PAGADOR, which is at the Northern Coast before turning uphill to Moya.

    The owner of the restaurant, an italian charismatic man, is not precisely the most sympathetic man on earth, but is better than that, a truly genuine man that could well be a character from Tim Burton’s films.

    His wife (a Canarian very elegant and kind lady) and their daughter, run this space, which apart from the highlights has two or three weird peculiarities:
    The restaurant is not marked nor announced anywhere on the road nor on the building areas, nor a parking ig signed.  They are confident, and so we are, that sooner or later everyone in the island has heard of, or  has come here for dinner or lunch.

    They don’t have a website, just the indications from Google maps and other references from travel blogs.

    Mr. Attilio also claims (if he is in his most genuine mood) that he welcomes everybody to dine except to P(…) and B(…). We keep the secret.

    Obviosuly he addresses such sentences loud and genuinly funny to his customers without knowing their professions.

    And last particularity: on Tuesday he only receives cash. No credit crads. Just on Tuesday. In case you don’t have cash he invites you to pay the bill some other day at your own convenience.

    Nevertheless all of these particularities we can assure, this place is a MUST VISIT restaurant.

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  • 8 February, 2017



    A good mix of Peruvian-Japanese restaurant that also fuses other eclectic tastes from a variety of countries such as Ecuador, Panama & Costa Rica

    Thank you Manuel for bringing us here!

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  • 7 February, 2017

    LAS PALMAS, Restaurant La Marinera, a lovely setting right by the ocean…Watch the waves crashing in…


    Canarian simplicity at its best :
    This restaurant is situated in an enviable position at the top of Canteras Beach with wonderful sunset views. Local fresh fish in a lively & lovely atmosphere.

    For our dearest friends Tony & Manuel: thank you for the great lunchs and time spent together in this place.

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