• 8 March, 2017

    CÁCERES, when the good marmalade is in the small pot…

    Cáceres is one of these typical small provincial cities which remain an undiscovered jewel and which delights and surprises everyone who aims to drive here, either from Madrid, Sevilla, Salamanca, or even from Portugal…this is not the type of place you cross through…this is the type of place you like to immerse through…and a Unesco Heritage too!

    The writer of this tip had the pleasure to discover Cáceres during spring time, as well as the Extremadura region which literally means “Extremely Rough land”…this name is like a snail’s shell, it protects such a delicate interior. The landscapes of Extremadura are arguably amongst the most beautiful, unspoiled, virgin landscapes of Spain spotted everywhere with multicolourful wild flowers, wild green priaries, stork-nests, wild pigs and wild bulls…but we repeat…do this during spring time please, otherwise you might die in the attempt…and don’t be wild your self getting too close to the bulls…nor to the cows !

    We would highly recommed two places to stay :

    The first is a Starred Michelin on top of the medieval city of Cáceres


    The next one is a beautiful B&B (rural house) in the middle of the mountains between Cáceres and Trujillo, another gem of a town & homeland of the spanish discoverer and sailor Francsico de Pizarro (conqueror of Perú).


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