• 9 March, 2017


    Piemonte: the italian name literally stands for “Mountain Foot,” and is nowadays the name of a region at the feet of the Alps, in northern Italy, which capital is Torino (worldwide renown city for the manufacture of Fiat, Lancia & Alfa Romeo cars).

    Tucked away from the city & its rich indutry; while you immerse into the heart of the Piemonte region (an endless consecution of picturesqiue rolling hills and villages) one finds the reason why PIEMONTE & ALBA village belong today to the UNESCO HERITAGE…The reason is actually because here and only here, grows capriciuosly a universaly popular, though expensive and fragrant mushrom: the  “WHITE TRUFFLE”.

    This humble mushroom was the excuse of a special weekend get-together, and hence the writer of this tip would like to rename the White Truffle as the “Serendipity Truffle”. (A serendipity is when a great discovery occurs by unexpected coincidences, like the discovery of America and like the discovery of Peniciline).

    Further details aside & out of the many highlights which I had enjoyed during a lovely weekend in November 2016, I wish to at least make a remark on one of the unmissable tips for anybody visting PIEMONTE, or ALBA, or the INTERNATIONAL WHITE TRUFFLE FAIR www.fieradeltartufo.org

    I refer to a lovely restaurant called MODA in the pretty & scenic ancient village of MONFORTE DE ALBA. Entering here is like putting a cherry on top the perfect cake. A place to enjoy the variety of regional wines, internationally renown and such as : BAROLO, NEBBIOLO, BARBARESCO…and a place to enjoy the exquisite gastronomy of Piedmont (internationally reognized as an upscale homely cuisine).

    Thank you Georges and thank you Rachel, I mention you at the very end of this tip because I kept you present during this description & I don’t have any risk of forgetting to whom I owe a true Serendipity discovery.


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